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The Book of Heaven

The Call of the Creature to the Order, the Place and the Purpose for which He was Created by God.


O Most Holy Trinity, through the intercession of Mary our Mother, permit me to enter now in Your Will. What‘s more, give me Your Hand and put me in the immensity of Your Will, so that nothing is done that is not an effect of your Most Holy Will. It is my intention, Lord, that all my acts of this day, small and large, natural and spiritual, serve to make the life of Your Will grow in my person, in your Church, and be a continuous prayer which repeats: "Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.“

My Mother, I love you, love me too, and give me a sip of the Will of God for my soul. Give me your blessing also, so I may do all my actions under your maternal gaze. Mother, I put my whole day on your lap.

Little Chaplet of the Divine Will

Saint Hannibal di Francia was one of Luisa’s extraordinary Confessors. So inspired was he by the spirituality of Luisa’s writings that he founded two Religious Orders: the Rogationist Fathers and the Daughters of the Divine Zeal. He was beatified by Pope John Paul II on 7 October 1990, and canonized on 16 May 2004. In the later years of his life he composed the following simple chaplet to be said on Rosary Beads. Every day he prayed this chaplet, often more than once, especially in his last sickness.



1 x Our Father, 1 x Hail Mary, 1 x Glory Be

On the Large Beads

Glory be ...

On the Small Beads

Thy will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven.

In conclusion

Lord Jesus,
we praise You, we love You, we bless You and we thank You together with the Father and the Holy Spirit in Your Holy and Eternal Divine Will.

Prayer for Luisa’s Beatification

O Most Holy Trinity,
Our Lord Jesus Christ taught us that as we pray we should ask that our Father’s Name be always glorified, that His Will be done on earth and that His Kingdom should come to reign among us. 

In our great desire to make known this Kingdom of love, justice and peace, we humbly ask that You glorify your Servant Luisa, the Little Daughter of the Divine Will who, with her constant prayer and suffering, deeply yearned for the salvation of souls and the coming of God’s Kingdom in the world.

Following her example we pray to You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to help us joyously embrace the crosses of this world so that we may also glorify Your Name and enter into the Kingdom of Your Will.


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